In-Details of What is The Jeep Wave Program? – Features, Eligibility, Cost, Benefits & Problems

This article answers the question, “What is the Jeep Wave program,” ensuring every Jeep owner understands the benefits and downsides of becoming a member.

Every Jeep owner appreciates their vehicle and rates it highly. Their pride in owning/driving one is pretty remarkable or second to none.

Over the years, these individuals (new and old owners) have been able to build a sense of community around how they feel about being a Jeep owner, leading to the recognition and adoption of the Jeep Wave Program by the manufacturer.

What is the Jeep Wave Program?

In case anyone is interested in getting a comprehensive or well-detailed answer to the popular question (What is the Jeep Wave?), most Jeep owners ask, especially the new owners.

This section supplies short yet precise details anyone may need or find helpful.

Usually, when Jeep owners come in contact on the road or drive past each other, they acknowledge their presence through friendly waves.

Such a reaction (the friendly wave) is popularly regarded as a Jeep wave among Jeep owners. They do not take such a gesture for granted.

An individual who hasn’t owned/driven a Jeep before now (the latest Jeep owner) may find it strange or ridiculous when other Jeep owners keep waving at them during each ride.

There are some vital components that individuals who seek an answer to this activity must know or familiarize themselves with to better/clearly understand ‘what is a Jeep wave.”

For instance, who waves first and how to wave correctly at other Jeep owners.

The Features of the Jeep Wave Program

Immediately Jeep realized how much pride owners of the various Jeep designs/brands take in their vehicles. Especially the uniqueness of the Jeep wave culture and its wide adoption.

The Jeep Wave was officially embraced, resulting in the launch of the Jeep Wave Program.

Anyone interested in knowing ‘what is Jeep Wave” will undoubtedly want to learn about the features/attributes of the program or why they need to enroll.

These attributes/features are discussed/highlighted below:

01. Owner Support

Jeep owners who need clarification on issues with their vehicle may quickly contact the support customer care representative to have the issues addressed or resolved.

The owner support help desk is available throughout the day, twenty-four (24) hours a week.

02. Vehicle Maintenance

As a registered member of the Jeep Wave program, you are entitled to specific maintenance activities to keep the Jeep in top condition.

These maintenance benefits include oil replacements (two times a year) and tire rotations or replacements (twice/year) for as long as the membership remains active.

03. VIP Tag

Jeep Wave members are offered the treatment they desire when they participate in any Jeep-related events or activities in their country.

Also, individuals who have an active membership enrollment can participate in events or competitions/tournaments exclusive or specifically reserved for Jeep Wave members.

04. Emergency Services Coverage

There are times when vehicles break down unexpectedly. If a Jeep stops working or breaks down a few miles (100) to the owner’s home or destination.

By having an active membership subscription, you are entitled to a thousand dollars ($1000) on average. This amount covers food, hotel accommodation, and transportation.

05. Premium/First-Class Discounts

An individual enrolled in the Jeep Wave membership program can enjoy some exclusive discounts offered by the Jeep Wave savings network.

These discounts can be redeemed across several premium retail outlets (over 150). The premium discount gives you access to products that can be purchased for less than forty percent (40%) of their standard prices.

06. Free Rental

Whenever any member takes their vehicle in for repair or service, that might last for a day.

Jeep understands the importance of keeping up-to-date with daily activities or avoiding possible interruptions their vehicle’s absence may cause to their routine.

With an active membership subscription, affected members are entitled to thirty-five dollars ($35) on average allowance to rent a car from a dealer or a licensed/regulated rental agency.

What is The Cost of The Jeep Wave Program?

What is The Cost of The Jeep Wave Program

A question that anyone interested in the Jeep Wave program will ask is, “What is the cost of the Jeep wave program?”

First, the Jeep under consideration must be certified eligible before a membership enrollment can be done or completed.

Anyone who drives/owns a vehicle that is approved/passed eligible can enroll for one hundred and fifty dollars ($150) on average. This payment covers a year of membership status.

Who Are Eligible For The Jeep Wave Program?

Anyone who invests in or purchases the 2021 or newer Jeep model is eligible for the Jeep Wave program.

You have automatically signed up for a membership subscription, covering three (3) years of free benefits.

Once the grace period elapses or after the end of the thirty-six (36) months, individuals interested in retaining the membership status can re-enroll by paying one hundred and fifty dollars ($150) on average.

The one hundred and fifty dollars ($150) is the same amount individuals who drive/own the 2016-2020 models of the selected/eligible Jeep brand and are interested in the membership program will have to pay on average.

Basics of: The Year Model of Eligible Vehicles

The Jeep Wave program is open to specific or selected Jeep brands and models. Interested Jeep owners must check if their Jeep is one of the options listed in the eligibility list.

If your vehicle is on the list highlighted below, purchasing the membership subscription may follow.

  • Renegade (2016-till date). However, only the Renegade Desert Hawk® and Renegade Trailhawk® are considered eligible for the Jeep Wave program
  • Wrangler Unlimited (2016-latest model). The eligibility spreads across all trim levels
  • Wrangler (2016-lastest model). The eligibility spreads across all trim levels
  • Cherokee (2016-latest model). Nevertheless, the eligibility is limited to Cherokee Trailhawk® & Cherokee Overland
  • Grand Cherokee (2016-latest model). However, eligibility is restricted to Grand Cherokee Trackhawk®, Grand Cherokee High Altitude, Grand Cherokee Overland, Grand Cherokee SRT®, Grand Cherokee Summit, and Grand Cherokee Trailhawk®
  • Compass Trailhawk® (2016-till date)
  • Gladiator (2016-till date). Individuals who drive a Jeep Gladiator, irrespective of the trim level, are eligible

What is Jeep Wave Membership and How To Enroll?

This section highlights “what is Jeep Wave membership” and how anyone can enroll, provided their vehicle is eligible for the membership program.

By enrolling in the Jeep Wave membership program, you will enjoy some of the exclusive features/benefits that we have identified and the ones we will discuss before the end of this article.

If anyone has reviewed the membership program and wants to take a step further by registering or becoming a member, enrollment, and re-enrollment can be easily done or achieved by visiting the manufacturer’s website

Alternatively, interested individuals can reach out to a local dealer in their region.

Benefits of The Jeep Wave Program

  1. The Jeep Wave membership program comes with the purchase of a new Jeep. The free membership status remains active for a reasonable period
  2. Recently, the manufacturer (Jeep) revised the membership contract term for new vehicle purchases from twenty fur (24 months) to thirty-six (36 months)
  3. In case a member’s vehicle needs to be taken to a service center for scheduled service or repair, which may result in the interruption of daily activities or routine. The membership covers a day of free vehicle rental, minimizing interruptions, and as well lowers transportation expenses.
  4. Access to numerous exclusive discounts for products or services that are offered by institutions/companies that are signed under the Jeep Savings Network
  5. Uninterrupted access to the customer care representative at any time of the day, all through the year

Problems With The Programs

Problems With The Programs

Just as there are good sides to the Jeep Wave membership programs, there are also some aspects of the contract terms that many people do not find exciting or fair.

We will look at these downsides, ensuring interested individuals have enough information to guide their decisions.

Especially having enough details to work with, allowing a concrete comparison of the advantages and shortcomings while weighing their options.

  • According to the contract terms, the membership subscription can’t be canceled after the first 2-month. That is sixty (60) days after your membership status becomes accepted or active.
  • The Jeep Wave membership can’t be passed to another person.

It doesn’t matter if the original owner or individual who signed up for the membership program sells their vehicle or gets involved in an accident that damages the vehicle beyond repair before the expiration of the current subscription.

The membership can’t be transferred under any of these conditions. Instead, the membership privileges or benefits automatically become void.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Jeep Wave Program Worth The Claims?

If anyone is asking if purchasing or picking up the membership is worth it. We would like to state that the decision is subjective.

Examine your repairs and service expenses, especially when it comes to oil replacement and tire rotation.

When the benefits of the membership status are reviewed carefully, especially the peace of mind and protection it assures, some individuals are happy and satisfied to part away with the $150 average annual fees, especially Jeep owners who drive a vehicle with a diesel engine for economic gains.

Why is The Jeep Wave Program Valuable For New Vehicles?

Individuals purchasing a brand new Jeep vehicle may have zero worries about how valuable it could be in the short to long term since the membership subscription is free for three (3) years.

This is enough time to determine if the benefits are worth a re-enrolment after the free period.

How Long Does The Jeep Wave Membership Application Take Before it Becomes Active?

Once the membership is purchased, the benefits attached become active simultaneously. However, the membership status may not be updated or immediately accessible on the website.

It takes about three (3) days before the status is completely processed or accessible to the new member on the website.

Are There Restrictions To The Number of Memberships an Individual May Purchase?

No, there are no restrictions.

Each individual may decide to buy as much membership as they want without any penalty. The most important thing is eligibility.

So far, each membership purchase is registered with a qualified Jeep vehicle; this can continue for as long as possible.

What If The Car Rental Service Costs More Than The Allowance?

As we stated or communicated earlier, the Jeep Wave membership covers a car rental service of up to $35 on average for repair/service for a day.

In a situation where a Jeep Wave member spends more than what the plan offers or provides (more than $35) on average. The additional cost becomes the member’s responsibility.

What Set/Group of Owners does the Jeep Wave Apply To?

What SetGroup of Owners Do The Jeep Wave Apply To

Although the Jeep wave is most common or popular among Jeep Wrangler owners, individuals who own/drive the Grand Cherokee may also like to be part of this culture.

Other than these two (Wrangler and Grand Cherokee), individuals who own a different Jeep model may act otherwise.

How Do I Know Who Waves First?

Also, you just don’t raise your fingers and wave when another Jeep drives past. There are rules guiding who goes/waves first.

Who displays the gesture first is dependent on a few factors such as the model year, how neat or dirty it is, if it has a top cover or not, and other accessories such vehicle possesses.

What is The Proper Way To Perform The Jeep Wave?

While performing the Jeep Wave, getting it done the right way is important. The wave is popularly done using the left hand. Simply raise two (2) of your fingers and wave.

However, an individual who drives/owns a Jeep Wrangler may decide to use/raise three (3) fingers to form the letter ‘W.”

Final Thoughts

So far, the question, “What is the Jeep Wave Program,” has been answered by carefully looking at various aspects that make up the program, ensuring everyone has a comprehensive knowledge of the advantages and downsides connected to picking up a membership tag.

If the activities or benefits the membership program covers, in terms of economic gains (repair or service costs) are more than the subscription or enrollment cost in the long term.

The membership program can be certified valuable or is believed to be worth the investment.

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