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The JeepOffRoads is a website created to share everything one wishes to know about a Jeep. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced Jeep enthusiast, you’ll find a wealth of information and resources here.

At JeepOffRoads, we bring together a wide variety of Jeep-related topics, ranging from history and maintenance to customization and off-roading. We strive to provide accurate, up-to-date information on all aspects of owning, modifying, and enjoying a Jeep.

However, we are not just limited to Jeep. As people can have multiple cars including jeeps, we share everything about cars that can add value and help cars user to maintain and to make decisions. 

Our team:

The JeepOffRoads is operated by a professional team of experts. The owner writer and editor have true skills in this industry. You can see their expertise and dedication on each and every blog. 

Author, Editor, and Owner

Meet Thomas Byrd, a professional car mechanic who leads a team of junior mechanics in a repair and restoration shop. At the beginning of his career, he used to work for a jeep service center as a basic worker. From there he keep learning, changed his job 2 times and now he is a professional who leads a group of mechanics. Though he has expertise in the jeep, he knows very well about all types of cars. To share his knowledge and skills with others he has created this blog website. He works on his site whenever he gets free time. 

Willis Dixon, Writer

Meet our expert writer Mr. Willis Dixon. He is very professional about his work. Every piece of his written blog is very informative and easy to understand. The best thing about Willis’s writing is there is always a flow of information. The reason behind his perfect creation is his knowledge of this industry. Willis used to be a parts shop operator a few years ago and from there he learned so many aspects of this industry. 

Jennifer Ward

Jennifer Ward


Meet Jennifer Ward! She is the youngest member of our team. Jenny works with us as an editor of our site. Once she was a salesperson for a car company and knows pretty well about cars. Not only that but she is also skilled in content editing and that’s why she is here.

Our Mission:

The mission of JeepOffRoads is very simple. We write blogs to help jeep and other cars owner by providing the exact information they need. The ultimate mission of this website is to drive enough traffic by sharing key information to make our website reputed. So, we are working together to create as many important blogs as we can cover through our true skills.

Why Should You Trust JeepOffRoads

We may not have to describe why should you trust us. After reading our informative blogs you can assume by yourself about do we write something worth trusting or not. Just simply double-check our provided information for search engines to ensure trustability. Whatever, let’s see why should we deserve your trust:

  1. We always try to cover information on our blog that we have experience working with in real-time. 
  2. We do complete research before publishing our blog. As we all are true professionals in this field so you can trust our information. 
  3. We update our content frequently to give readers up-to-date information
  4. To increase user experience we try to make sure our website is way more user-friendly than other similar websites. 
  5. Lastly, our primary goal is to share information with the audience. We are not focused on doing business using a blog website. 

Our Benefits from You

As this website was created with a view to sharing true information, it is not our main concern to have benefits. However, we may earn a bit of affiliate commission by suggesting some of the finest products or, through advertising media. So, all matters here is your support of our blog, you won’t have to pay a penny for our information.

However, another benefit we get is establishing our name as a band. If the website can drive tons of traffic in the future, we hope our name will be established with this website. Again, we are just following our mission on this website, not focusing on benefits right now.

How Can You Help Us

Your support is enough for us. To help us you just have to give us a little support. Such as: 

  1. Share our blog post. 
  2. Make comments to encourage us. 
  3. Help us if you find out any problems related to the blog. 
  4. Write content for us if you have experience. 
  5. Connect with us on social media. 

Thanks for reading. We hope this website can bring benefit you by sharing the information you need. Be with JeepOffRoad. 

For Profile Section:

Thomas Byrd

Owner & Writer

Thomas Byrd

I’m Thomas Byrd, a professional car mechanic who leads a team of junior mechanics in a repair and restoration shop. In the beginning, I used to work for a jeep service center as a basic worker. From there I keep learning, changed my job 2 times and now I am a professional who leads a group of mechanics. Though a have expertise in the jeep, I know very well about all types of cars. To share my knowledge and skills with others I have created this blog website. Whenever I get free time from work I give my time to my blog.

Willis Dixon


Willis Dixon

Hello, this is Willis Dixon. I used to be a parts shop operator and from there I learned a lot about cars. At present, I am showing my skills through my words on this webisite. Hope this article was useful to you. Best Wishes!