How Much Does Jeep TJ Frame Replacement Cost, Time & DIY Steps

This article discusses what a frame does in a vehicle, especially its indispensable contribution to the overall functionality.

In the end, you will find out why a Jeep TJ frame replacement or repair should be immediately considered once inefficiency or damage is detected.

The frame is designed to function in a specific/precise way; if anything goes wrong, possibly a dent or damage to it.

Irrespective of the magnitude of the impairment/damage, it could make driving difficult, making the vehicle unfit/unsafe for the road.

Hence, familiarize yourself with Jeep TJ frame repair to ensure the Jeep Wrangler stays in top condition (uncompromised) at all times to minimize road accidents.

Besides the process involved in Jeep Wrangler TJ frame replacement (step-by-step directions).

We will also identify the Jeep Wrangler frame repair kit that an independent repairer needs to get the job done.

A damaged frame (due to accident/collision, modifications/repairs, or exposure to elements such as rust) renders the vehicle unfit for the road, considering the atrocity it could impose.

You do not want to put your life and the lives of other road users in danger by moving about with a broken frame, considering the serious issues it could cause.

Once it is clear that the frame has been manipulated, possibly due to one of the identified/highlighted conditions, leaving the metal unchecked or repaired could result in inefficient or irregular weight distribution, leaving the Jeep Wrangler unworthy/unfit for the road.

Hence, repair or replacement of the Jeep TJ frame should be considered.

Get the frame checked by an experienced technician to detect the issue and have the frame corrected or restored to the standard/attainable specifications.

When Should You Replace Your Jeep TJ Frame?

The frame could be affected whenever you get involved in a collision/accident, events/conditions such as a heavy storm, or rust attack due to continuous exposure to moisture.

A bent or rusty frame is an indication of a possible manipulated metal. In such a situation, the texture is affected, leaving some parts/spots softer or harder than the others.

Although the vehicle could still move around to a reasonable level after the frame has been damaged or compromised.

Don’t fold your arms, waiting for the worst-case scenario to play out before the necessary action is taken/considered.

Some notable signs of a damaged frame include the inability to close the doors correctly/properly, bent frame, compromised alignment, excessive tire wear, the failure of the Jeep’s component to slot in appropriately, and difficult handling/control.

Leaving the frame unchecked following a collision/accident is an invitation to a completely broken/cracked frame, leaving the vehicle exposed to another collision/accident.

Time To Replacement

If anyone is interested in engaging in this activity on their own, provided they have the experience, exposure, and the ideal tools to work with.

A successful independent repair/replacement is possible. Nevertheless, it is important to state that the process is complicated and takes time.

On average, the installer must set aside or dedicate between 1-2 days (twenty to forty hours).

Several well-explained videos that are specific or tailored to your TJ model are available on YouTube.

These videos highlight/identify the process involved in successfully replacing the frame.

Tools Required

As we stated above, the process of replacing or repairing the frame is complicated/complex.

Hence, getting the necessary/ideal tools specifically designed or made to support a smooth and successful execution is important.

  • 6-point socket
  • Air/battery-powered impact wrench
  • Forklift
  • Torch
  • New bolts (TDK)
  • WD-40 or PB blaster
  • Ceiling hoist

For individuals interested in an independent installation, ensure the specified tools are properly collected and arranged within easy reach.

Also, do not rebuff the need for a group of individuals to assist with the frame lifting.

Cost of Jeep Wrangler Frame Repair Kit Along With Labor Cost

Cost of Jeep Wrangler Frame Repair Kit Along With Labor Cost

The average price of a Jeep Wrangler repair kit (including the construction of replacement/repair parts, paint, and preparation) could cost as low as $5000 and as high as $30,000 or more, depending on the vehicle model involved.

Regarding labor costs, the average price is between thirty ($30) dollars and a hundred ($100) dollars per hour.

Considering the possible replacement timelines (20-40 hours), that is between $600 & $2000 for a twenty-hour job and $1200 & $4000 for a forty-hour price estimate.

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Step By Step Process of Replacing Jeep TJ Frame

As we have discussed earlier, Jeep Wrangler TJ frame replacement is time-consuming.

If you do not have much time to spare, this is not a project to embark on independently.

01. Get The Necessary Help

Go through available helpful materials that are integral to the project’s success.

This includes reading through manuals or guides specifically designed for your Jeep Model. Another alternative is watching videos online.

02. Get The Necessary Tools in Place

Go through the replacement tools to ensure they are appropriate and complete.

Also, ensure they are well arranged and organized for easy/fast access.

03. Disconnect The Battery

The mechanic or the independent installer must ensure the battery has been disconnected before the replacement begins.

04. Prepare The Vehicle

The idea behind vehicle preparation is to ensure it is adequately cleaned. The process involves draining all the various fluids available in the vehicle.

Once the cleaning process is complete, the Jeep could be hung using dedicated equipment.

05. Take Pictures

An independent installer may take pictures of the assembly before disconnecting the fasteners or bolts to avoid improper reinstallation of decoupled accessories or components.

06. Removal of Necessary Components

The next step is disconnecting or detaching the bolts and various parts, systems, or accessories connected to the frame.

These components include the brake lines, steering shaft, wiring harness, hoses, and body mounts.

The disconnection makes the frame light and free, ready to be lifted.

07. Take Out The Axles, Engine, and Drivetrain

Immediately after the Jeep is lifted, it is easy for the installer and their team to take out the identified/highlighted components.

08. Install The New Frame

Once every component, system, or accessory has been disconnected and lowered. The next line of action is to reattach/transfer them to the new frame.

In most cases, some of these parts/accessories are completely taken off/disposed of and replaced.

Frame Replacement on Insurance Coverage

Earlier, we made various price comparisons regarding frame replacement/repair. While the average prices are relatively expensive.

The absence of insurance coverage could put the cost out of budget, resulting in a big hit on the purse or savings of the vehicle owner.

If anyone wants to avoid the expensive repair/replacement price tag that could result from a damaged frame following a hard collision/accident or wrecking storm.

It is important to settle for comprehensive collision insurance coverage that covers some of the regular costly expenses related to or associated with possible frame damage.

Is it Safe To Replace a Part of The Frame Rather Than The Whole Frame?

Is it Safe To Replace a Part of The Frame Rather Than The Whole Frame

Yes, it is safe! Depending on the magnitude of the damage caused to the frame, the repair process could be restricted to cutting off the bent or damaged spot/part.

Once the affected component/spot is taken off, it can be replaced with a new one, attached securely through welding, and then repainted/recoated accordingly.

Whenever there is a need to conduct Jeep TJ frame repair. The repair technician will inspect the situation and advise accordingly on the next line of action.

What Should Jeep TJ Owners Know Before Replacing Any Part of The Frame?

01. An experienced repair technician should conduct the repair process if an independent installation is not an option.

This is the only way you can be sure/convinced that the Jeep is fit and safe to be driven on the road after the replacement/repair is finalized.

In some cases, some parts of the frame could be detached/cut off and replaced accordingly.

Sometimes, the repair could involve straightening the bent metal using a machine specifically designed for such an action or performing a complete replacement.

An experienced technician is in the best position to advise accordingly.

02. If possible, used/second-hand frame or frame part should be avoided, considering its critical/major downside.

The intended frame may have been modified or affected/attacked by rust from within or internally, resulting in premature replacement.

Get it right from the part selection. This prevents the likelihood/possibility of performing the same action within a short timeframe, considering how complex and time-consuming the replacement process is.

Is it Possible To Exchange Parts of The Frame From an Older Jeep TJ For a Newer One?

Yes, it is possible! When it comes to Jeep Wrangler TJ frame replacement, most owners want to know the possibility of interchanging their Jeep’s frame with another model.

This thought or consideration comes into play when there is a sales discount on a frame designed for a different vehicle from what they drive or own.

If the price seems a great deal, the Jeep TJ owner may want to find out if it will be a great fit for their vehicle.

The possibility of exchange is dependent on the TJ model. There are two realities involved:

  • It’s possible that your vehicle’s frame can’t be interchanged with any other models
  • On the other hand, the exchange could be restricted to a specific list of models

For instance, the frames of the 1997 to 2002 TJ models can be exchanged. Hence, for anyone who drives/owns any of the specified TJ model years.

Frame interchangeability isn’t extended to models before 1997 and after 2002.

Related Frequently Asked Questions

What Are The Common Signs of Irregular Weight Distribution?

An irregular weight distribution could result in several complex/complicated issues.

Common signs include difficult handling/control, tires may wear out faster than usual, and the alignment could be affected.

What Are The Possible Effects/Impacts of a Damaged Frame?

When the frame is compromised or damaged, it could result in a list of performance-reducing issues.

If care or immediate action is not taken, especially when driving such a vehicle.

The already damaged or manipulated frame/chassis could crack/break down completely, leading to another collision or accident on the road.

How Do I Keep The Vehicle Safe From Issues Associated With a Damaged Frame?

You can avoid some popular issues associated with a damaged frame (irregular weight distribution or complete frame breakdown), especially after an accident.

It is recommended or advised that Jeep Wrangler owners have their vehicles inspected/diagnosed by an experienced expert.

Can I Still Drive a Vehicle With a Broken Frame?

A damaged chassis doesn’t mean the vehicle can’t move. However, it is not recommended/advised due to the threats such a condition poses to the driver and other road users.

When the frame is compromised, the structural support the vehicle needs to wither the storm or avert the extreme danger that could result from road collision/accident is either weak or absent.

What Approach Should I Consider For a Damaged Frame (Replacement or Repair)?

Minor damage could be fixed by repairing the affected parts. On the other hand, major damage could result in a complete frame replacement.

While frame damage could be fixed by molding and welding the affected spots. These spots are expected to lose their toughness. Hence, they won’t remain as robust as before.

Final Words

So far, we have provided a well-detailed Jeep TJ frame replacement guide.

The information shared ensures every owner understands the importance of the frame/chassis to the overall vehicle functionality.

Most importantly, the process and steps involved in replacing the frame independently for the best outcomes.

If the frame becomes damaged due to an accident or exposure to an extreme storm.

Do not hesitate to visit an experienced technician for comprehensive details about how to fix the issue.

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