What Is The Brightest Headlight Bulb That Is Legal? (State-Approved Headlamp)

Most states have their own set of driving laws. Based on most states, any driver should have clear vision while driving on the roadside or the highway. However, the amount of brightness varies depending on housing types, headlight size, and the state’s approval. Then, what is the brightest headlight bulb that is legal in your state?

Since we need legal permission to use the headlamps, Xenon headlights are the brightest bulbs of automobiles with approval from the authority. However, any standard driver can have Halogen, HID, and LED (Light-emitting diode). Besides, housing is a matter of concern, but it’s okay with the brightness level. 

While driving in a low-light-dimmed area or at nighttime, ensure the lights are powerful enough to lighten up. Also, pay attention to some crucial facts such as the reliability and brightness of automobiles on the roadway.

What Are The Different Types Of Headlight Bulbs?

The Federal regulations set the brightness of headlights and the kinds of legal bulbs. In general, headlight bulbs are three different types, and you’ll have any of them in your vehicle according to compatibility.

1. Halogen Headlights

The most conventional halogen lights are used in about 80% of cars nowadays. Halogen is a cheap, rated new invention in the vehicle headlight that offers yellow-white color light and lasts up to 1,000 hours.

2. HID Or Xenon Headlight

Xenon headlights are another excellent brighter light that can last longer. Such headlights allow the arc to form over two electrodes by passing an electric current via Xenon gas. Then, you’ll get a white or bluish illumination.

3. LED Headlight Bulbs

brightest led headlight bulbs

LED is also considered light-emitting diode headlights and can be found in most cars. It’s thought to be the brightest and best power-efficient kind of headlight. Plus, LED bulbs have 15 times more brightness than halogen bulbs. As a result, we consider LED the brightest among all types of headlights.

What’s The Best Halogen Bulb?

The color temperature of 4,000k to 5,000 has the brightest halogen headlight bulbs. Nowadays, most cars use halogen lamps, the latest technology in vehicle headlights.

Such headlamps are inexpensive and offer adequate brightness. Besides that, the best and brightest light uses significant power to generate massive heat.

A magical fact about halogen lights is that conventional halogen can be upgraded into brighter halogen by switching to LED or HID Xenon. On average calendar year of car driving, halogen bulbs typically lose 10 to 20% of output.

Beyond question, LED headlights are both permitted and prohibited in many states. Though not street-legal, LED headlamp bulbs are a common feature of modern car headlight technology.

On the other hand, OE (Original Equipment) LED lights are allowed on public roads. Whereas, for not having E marks, aftermarket LED bulbs are not road legal under Road Vehicle Lighting Regulations. Even upgraded halogen to LED will not be authorized as well.

what is the brightest led headlight bulb

If you are looking for the best headlight bulbs for night driving, xenon headlights are the best option! It’s also street legal bright light, so the state won’t find any illegal flashing while you drive.

In general, LED bulbs will shine brighter than halogen. So, you can add aftermarket LED lights with projector lenses for cutting off low beams. But the halogen filament and LED chips are placed exactly where they belong. Otherwise, the LED will disturb or blind other drivers due to low beams housed in the reflector.

On the other hand, LED retrofits are not legal for having more lumens and beam patterns that blind and paradoxically direct light in the wrong way.

For example, in the United States, if you have an HID bulb originally intended to use halogen and blind or distract oncoming vehicles, it’s not permitted. But avoiding the excessive flashing brightness won’t let you get any ticket for gear violation from police officers. 

However, we have some significant facts for you to have the legal and ideal bright headlight options. So, while deciding on a headlight type, follow the facts.

Bulb Selections

If you want the most efficient and brightest bulb for your car headlight, LED HID, or Xenon lights can fulfill your need as a legal light. Such lights are more durable and bright than conventional halogen lights.

Headlight Protector

When you have headlight protectants or protectors, a protection film will be added from any UV damage or outside scratches. So, ensure you have the paint-protecting film to secure your exterior of highlights.

Kit Conversions

Car’s headlight conversion kit is vital in modifying the original halogens into bright LED or HID headlights. You don’t even have to replace the entire assembly of vehicle headlights.

Clean Vision In Darkness

According to NHTSA research, over 50% of new cars are sold with headlights that aren’t pointed correctly. Also, people often choose the wrong headlights, whether excessively bright light or dimmed type headlights. So, the present market is manufacturing LED, HID, or Xenon and halogen lamps for clear eyesight at night.

At night, particularly in poorly lit dim locations or off-road, Xenon and LED lamps can increase vision over great distances. Therefore, you can also check the lumen level to ensure the brightness of the headlights.

Headlight Distance Range

Halogens are always standard ones; however, LED headlights are more popular in cars. But the best brightest headlights can be Xenon or HID bulbs. So, for using HID bulbs, remember the tips we included.

  • It’s suggested to have a high-quality HID kit because they will have 23,000V plus output up to 450% more light.
  • Always verify the light’s position, as most of us have improper assembly or poor fit.
  • A reflector headlamp can produce a blinding glare due to normal bulbs. So be conscious.

Headlamp Lifespan 

The brighter you go, the shorter the lifespan of your lights will be! Because HID bulbs can last around 10k hours while LED bulbs cannot stay around 30k hours. So, pick among them!

What Are The Brightest White Headlight Bulbs?

Due to lumen level and color temperature, the headlights may vary. For instance, halogen bulbs have a color temperature of 4000k to 5000k and 900 to 1,000 lumens, whereas Xenon HID or LED bulbs may have 6000k and HID have 8,000 and LED with 9,000 to 10,000 lumens. Besides that, when the kelvin rating rises, color in the light increases in exchange for vision.

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LED VS HID Headlights: Which Is Brighter?

led vs hid which is brighter

Undoubtedly, LED lights have more lumens and brightness than HID. Look at the chart to understand more differences between the two types of headlights.

LED Bulbs HID Bulbs
LED has 9,000 to 10,000 lumens. HID has an 8,000-lumen level.
The LED light uses electric power. Xenon or HID headlights use Xenon or HID gas.
LED lights have significantly brighter illumination than standard halogen. HID lights are brighter than halogen at every angle.
LED can be energy efficient. HID has less power than light-emitting diode bulbs.
LED can be used for up to 45,000 hours. HID can remain at 15,000 hours at best.

The high brightness level of headlamps not only impairs eyesight but also impacts optic nerves with cells. Therefore, the states have regulations that we should follow to avoid blinding other drivers in the street.

According to the US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, Regulation FMVSS-108 only applies to point sources rather than surface sources. Since LED headlights are surface sources, they are not FMVSS-108 compliant.

Usually, there are two types of LED bulbs: 

  1. Original Equipment (OE) and
  2. Retrofit.

Any headlight intensity while driving could blind another driver, so the brightness limit should be maintained. Between the two, OE and retrofit LED lights, OE is acceptable for use on public roads.

In addition to being brighter than conventional halogen, LED uses less energy, has good longevity, and generates less heat. So, while choosing it as a headlight, ensure it’s not brighter than 3,000 lumens.

Using a White LED Headlight In A Car: Permitted Or Forbidden?

Most states will accept any kind of LED, such as dim or incandescent. But before driving, double-check the conformity based on the state’s laws and regulations. It’s because states may have restrictions regarding color and brightness levels.

Your lamp should produce enough brightness during nighttime driving but shouldn’t blind another person or car. Therefore, the headlight should be 150 meters away from another vehicle.

Since popular manufacturer makes up the majority of cars with LED headlights, you don’t need to worry that much! Nowadays, they’re including advanced level lighting technology with auto-dimming functionality to reduce glare while needed.

Can I Make The Headlights Brighter: Increase Brightness

Yes, you can! But before that, you may need to clean any dim headlight thoroughly to make it brighter. Besides that, do the cleaning with warm water, a sponge, washing liquid, or car shampoo.

Upgrading your old halogen headlights to LED or HID can replace them with more brightness by removing dull, yellow beams with white and blue tones. But how do I upgrade my headlight to LED, as such lights are the brightest?

  1. Get your ideal type of headlight bulb.
  2. The LED conversion kit can be much more helpful.
  3. Find the headlamp bulbs.
  4. Take out the old halogen lights.
  5. Put the LED bulbs in place accordingly.
  6. Attach the LED ballast.
  7. Verify the cutoff.
  8. Secure the ballasts.
  9. Do a driving test.
  10. But ensure you have the legal approval to drive with a converted headlight.


What is the brightest headlight bulb you can buy?

Any vehicle headlight should not be over 3,000 lumens. Plus, any bright headlight you choose should meet the state’s law. However, Xenon or HID headlights always provide the brightest light.

Higher-wattage bulbs are not permitted on the roadside because they can overheat the headlight area and take more power from the wires. However, we should use 55-watt bulbs, and 100-watt bulbs will be too much and inappropriate. 

Which light is best for highway driving?

For driving on highways, we suggest white light; however, LEDs are the best type of headlight for brightness. But ensure you keep the low beam when any other vehicles are nearby and set the high beam at least 150 meters away from other vehicles.

What color LED is best for night driving?

If driving for night vision, the red color takes down rhodopsin more gradually. However, red light is superior, and green can be better for more details.

What are the best halogen headlight bulbs?

Any halogen bulbs with a color temperature of 4000k and 5000k are the brightest among all halogens. Also, you may check for halogen headlights with around 1,000 lumens.

Wrapping Up The Entire Section

Next time, if anyone wants to know the brightest headlight bulb that is legal, let them know Xenon or HID headlights have legal permission and the best brightness level while driving. Similarly, halogen or LED can be another game changer in the street to secure you from obstacles.

But meeting the state’s law is the first thing to check, and don’t forget to follow the many facts we included. Particularly, facts like bulb type, headlight protector, clear vision, brightness distance range, lifespan, and conversion can ensure better bulb brightness for nighttime driving.

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