Where Is The Battery In A Jeep Grand Cherokee? Find Your Battery Location

Things will not go well all the time. So, you’ll have to find a solution to the problem. Likewise, when you have the most awarded SUV, the Jeep Grand Cherokee, your battery will fall or maybe show some difficulties over time, and fixing it becomes the first priority. But most of us don’t know the battery location while attempting to jump-start or while doing the battery replacement.

Anyway, where is the battery in a Jeep Grand Cherokee? The Jeep Grand Cherokee manufacturer or engineers have positioned the battery underneath the passenger seat, which is similar to when the original Jeep was launched during World War 2. To discover the battery, slide your passenger seat forward and into the upright position.

We have a good introduction and essential information related to the Jeep models. You can check further details to fix your battery issues by understanding the generation differences from year to year.

Why Is the Battery Located Beneath The Passenger Seat?

A temperature-limited battery close to the radiator isn’t a good decision. From the beginning, the batteries in early World War II had been positioned under the seat beneath the floorboards.

Even the Audi included their battery under the driver’s seat with the Q series. However, the reasons behind putting the batteries underneath the seat have been disclosed below:

  • Putting the batteries under your passenger seat keeps more room for the engine compartment.
  • For increased weight distribution, keeping the battery inside the seat is a wise idea.
  • Lead-acid batteries cannot run beyond 120 degrees F, so it is best if we keep them away from excessive heat.

How Many Batteries Does A Jeep Grand Cherokee Have?

The majority of Jeep vehicles are equipped with a dual battery setup. Similarly, the Jeep Grand Cherokee has two batteries: one for startup and another for backup purposes. Essentially, one battery serves to crank the truck, while the other serves as the auxiliary battery that powers the vehicle components.

Why Does Jeep Grand Cherokee Have Two Batteries? 7 Beneficial Facts

where is jeep grand cherokee battery

Dual batteries help to improve the Jeep’s overall performance by providing adequate power to run the engine and other components. When you have two batteries, you have a giant Jeep and a lot of benefits, such as:

  1. When you turn off the engine, the electrical settings and equipment remain functional.
  2. A dual battery improves engine performance by keeping the engine cool and also allowing the alternator to run more freely.
  3. You’ll find the isolator connects the two batteries to let the accessory battery be charged after the cranking battery has been charged.
  4. The secondary battery is always there to offer power to start the vehicle after the first battery’s failure.
  5. The Grand Cherokee provides additional power and efficiency, and your car will be OK without the need for any replacement.
  6. A dual battery is a lifesaver for having sufficient running time while driving.
  7. Any heavy-duty operation can be effortless when you have two batteries and diesel power in the Jeep.

What Is The Jeep Grand Cherokee’s Battery Size?

The majority of Grand Cherokees employ group size 34, or H7 and H8 batteries. The latest model has an H7 battery, which we consider a ‘DIN’ fit. For more specific information, you can look at the amps and battery size chart of the Jeep Grand Cherokee.

Battery Type Engine Cold Crank AMPS
H7-AGM V6/3.6L 850
H8-AGM V6/3.0L 900
H7-AGM V8/6.2L 850
H7-AGM V8/6.4L 850
H7-AGM V8/5.7L 850

Where Is The Battery In A Jeep Grand Cherokee? The Location Chart

What if you don’t know the battery location or the battery condition? What if you need a jump start or a replacement for the battery in the Jeep? Don’t you think we need a specified chart where the model, year, and location of the battery are mentioned? Let’s take a glance at the next part with proper attention.

Model Year Engine Size Battery Group or CCA Battery Location
2022 V-6/3.6L  H7/ 850 CCA Behind the left headlight unit, located in the front of the engine compartment.
2021 V6/3.0L H7 / 700 CCA
2020 L4-2.0L H7 / 700 CCA
2019 L4-2.0L H7 / 700 CCA
2018 L4-2.4L H6 / 600 CCA
2017 L4-2.4L H6 / 600 CCA
2016 L4-2.4L H6 / 600 CCA
2015 L4-2.4L H6 / 600 CCA

Where Is The 2023 Jeep Grand Cherokee Battery Location?

The battery’s role is to offer electricity or power to the vehicle. Similar to other year models, the 2023 Jeep Cherokee battery is available under the Jeep’s passenger seat.

While the Grand Cherokee’s battery is positioned under the seat, you can try the jump-starting method. You’ll find remote battery lines under the hood. Additionally, any battery you buy must have enough amperage and backup capacity to keep the car running.

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How Long Does A Jeep Grand Cherokee Battery Last?

Jeep batteries typically last 3 to 5 years, although they may vary depending on the driving style. Also, the environmental issue may trigger your Grand Cherokee’s battery to malfunction. However, if you have any problems with your Jeep batteries, make sure you remove the passenger seat and inspect the battery condition.

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When Should I Replace My Jeep Grand Cherokee Battery?

We should always test the voltage drops on a regular basis to ensure that the battery is working efficiently. Despite having a maximum lifespan of 5 years, confusion arises when the battery begins to malfunction early. At that moment, you’re like, “When should we replace the Grand Cherokee battery or how long do Jeep Cherokee batteries last?”

  • If you hear any clicking noise while starting the car, it signals you have an issue with the battery’s health.
  • Whenever visible corrosion occurs on the battery, the Grand Cherokee battery will require replacement.
  • A regularly discharged battery that necessitates jump starts or changing lights can be completely safe when you replace a new battery.

Jeep Grand Cherokee Battery Replacement: Remove and Replace Battery

battery replacement jeep grand cherokee

Without a doubt, the replacement of the battery will resolve all the issues that your vehicle has. But how do you replace the Grand Cherokee battery? Let’s explore all the steps below.

Remove And Replace Cherokee Battery

First, we would like to discuss the detachment of the old battery. And make sure you don’t skip any of the steps!

  1. Start by moving the passenger seat forward and leaning it against the windscreen.
  2. Lift along the edge of the carpeted panel to detach it.
  3. Take your wrench and loosen the negative battery cable fastener.
  4. After that, take the cable and disconnect it from the negative connector.
  5. You’ll also have to unplug the vent tube from the battery side.
  6. The next job is to employ the wrench to remove the two fasteners from the battery lock plate.
  7. Also, you have to remove the cable from the terminal by loosening the positive battery cable.
  8. Now, it’s time to take off the old battery by wiggling or moving to take it out behind the seat.
  9. After removing the old battery, take your new one and replace it on the battery tray by using your two hands. Don’t forget to pay attention to the slot on your battery’s front edge.
  10. Put the lock bolt back in and make sure you employ the extension, ratchet, and socket to tighten before installing.
  11. Holding the battery and ensuring the tightening level is another crucial fact. So, use your hands and shake them to make sure the attachment is secured.

Important Facts

If the battery continues to discharge during the drive, make sure you check the alternator. You will possibly need a voltmeter to identify the parasitic input. 

And until you reinstall the cable clamps, corrosion cleaning should be prioritized. Therefore, you can apply anti-corrosion grease to your vehicle’s cable ends.


Let’s have a look at some frequently asked questions for the user of the Jeep Grand Cherokee. Understanding the battery location is quite necessary. So, we have more clearance based on the different years of the Grand Cherokee model.

Are there two batteries in a Jeep Grand Cherokee?

Yes, proper functioning requires dual batteries. Therefore, the Jeep Grand Cherokee has two batteries: one for starting the engine and the other one for ESS.

Where is the battery located on a 2017 Jeep Grand Cherokee?

You’ll find the 2017 model’s battery just behind or underneath the passenger seat of the Grand Cherokee. Almost all of them have engineered their batteries that way.

What is the Jeep auxiliary battery for?

Auxiliary batteries are made to function as a backup plan to run the vehicle and supply power. Basically, the secondary battery provides 12V power to the accessories. For having a seamless performance of your Jeep’s headlight, computer, and audio system, auxiliary batteries are a fantastic setup.

How do you jumpstart a Jeep with two batteries?

Jump-starting the vehicle is not a difficult task. So, you can take the following steps:
1. Set either the automatic transmission in park or the manual transmission in neutral on both Jeeps.
2. Always connect the jumper cable to the battery with thicker cables.
3. You can employ any batteries for the jump start when you have dual batteries.
4. But when you have only one battery, make sure the cables are connected in the right order.

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Final Words

A lot of people lack the knowledge of where to find the battery and how we should jump-start the Jeep. So, after reading, we hope you understand where is the battery in a Jeep Grand Cherokee. Now, can you identify the battery location next time? Definitely, you can find it, plus you’ll also be able to remove and replace the old, damaged Cherokee battery from underneath the back seat.

Usually, 3 to 5 years is the lifespan, but if the Jeep shows some faulty things, take the seat off and fix your battery. The same idea will also be applicable in the case of other year models of the Jeep Grand Cherokee.

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