How Much Does A Jeep Wrangler Weigh? [A Perfect Guide!]

Jeep Wrangler is always in the big attention for amazing off-roading, outdoor performance, luxury design, large towing capacity, and an extensive list of gadgets with the ability to customize. But while discovering various configurations, there may arise so much confusion on “how much does a Jeep Wrangler weigh?” 

To a very short and quick answer: The curb weight for a Jeep Wrangler depends on the vehicle’s various generations & trims. Considering these factors, the curb weight may range between 2,855 lbs/1,295 Kg and 5,222 lbs/ 2,369 Kg. 

Still, wondering about the detailed guide? Well! Stay tuned here where we’ll assist you in getting details answers with much more worthwhile information that you should know. 

What’s The Difference Between Gross Vehicle Weight and curb Weight?

Before knowing the weight of your Jeep Wrangler, it’s essential to know the actual definition of the vehicle’s weight. Vehicle weight is a term that may mean different things based on different factors like GVWR, curb weight, or dry weight. 

GVWR or Gross Vehicle Weight Rating is the weight of your vehicle including everything like the car, driver, fuel, passengers, luggage, and other cargo. It refers to the actual weight of a car or the highest load that your Jeep can able to carry. You will find GVWR on your owner’s manual printed next to the model number.

On the contrary, the curb weight is completely the reverse point of the GVWR. It indicates the weight of a car without any additional terms. It is the standard weight of the vehicle, including all factory-installed equipment like coolant oil, motor oil, transmission oil, a 90% filled fuel tank, or air conditioning refrigerant. 

In short, it is the dry weight of a vehicle parked at the curb with a full tank of fuel and all standard elements which gives the closest measurement to the actual weight of the vehicle. That’s why the term is used to define a vehicle’s weight.

How Much Does A Jeep Wrangler Weigh?

There are several factors that give uniqueness to each Jeep Wrangler’s maximum weight like drivetrains, tires, engines, hardware, and other accessories. Though considering a specific dimension on various Jeep Wrangler models, the average weight would be between 2,855 lbs or 1,295 Kg and 5,222 lbs or 2,369 Kg.

Depending upon the trim design, the YJ Jeep Wrangler SE 1987 model has the lowest curb weight measuring up to 2,855 lbs. In contrast, the Jeep Wrangler Rubicon 4xe launched in 2021 is offering you the highest curb weight on the road, weighing about 5,222 lbs or 2368 kg. 

This model is the slightly upgraded version of the JW Unlimited Brute JK of 2012, which had a curb weight of 5,200 pounds or 2,359 Kg.

Jeep Wrangler Curb Wight- (Based On Generation-Trim Level)

how much do jeep wranglers weigh

We have already mentioned, that the curb weight of the Jeep Wranglers varies from different models and trim levels. Let’s have a quick overview of the curb weights of various Jeep Wrangler versions in the table.

4th Generation Jeep Wrangler Weight (2-Door Variant)

Model  Curb Weight
Sport 3,919 – 4,010 lbs or, (1,778 – 1,819 Kg)
Sport RHD 4,196 lbs or 1,903 Kg
Sport S 3,948 lbs or 1,791 Kg
Willys 3,948 lbs or 1,791 Kg
Willys Sport 3,948 lbs or 1,791 Kg
Sahara 4,178 – 4,406 lbs or, (1,895 – 1,999 Kg)
Rubicon 4,145 – 4,332 lbs or, (1,880 – 1,965 Kg)
Islander Edition 3,948 lbs or 1,791 Kg
Freedom Edition 3,948 lbs or, 1,791 Kg
80th Anniversary Edition (2021) 3,948 lbs or, 1,791 Kg

4th Generation Jeep Wrangler Weight (4-Door Variant)

Model  Curb Weight
Sport 4,167 – 4,654 lbs or, (1,890 – 2,111 Kg)
Sport RHD 4,921 lbs or 2,232 Kg
Sport S 4,167 lbs or 1,,890 Kg
Willys 4,921 lbs or 2,232 Kg
Willys Sport 4,167 lbs or 1,890 Kg
Sahara 4,451 – 5,100 lbs or, (2,019 – 2,313 Kg)
Rubicon  4,449 – 5,222 lbs or, (2,018 – 2,369 Kg)
Islander Edition 4,167 lbs or 1,890 Kg
Freedom Edition 4,167 lbs or 1,890 Kg
High Altitude (includes 4XE plug-in hybrid) 4,549 – 5,000 lbs or, (2,063 – 2,268 Kg)
Sahara Altitude 4,263 lbs or 1,934 Kg
Moab Edition 4,345 lbs or 1,971 Kg
Rubicon 392 5,103 lbs or 2,315 Kg

3rd Generation Jeep Wrangler Weight (2-Door Variant)

Model Curb Weight
Rubicon Hard Rock (2015) 4,315 lbs or 1,957 Kg
Base/SE 3,759 – 4,262 lbs or, (1,705 – 1,933 Kg)
Sahara 3,876 – 4,211 lbs or, (1,758 – 1,910 Kg)
Sport S or Sport X / X-S  3,759 – 4,262 lbs or, (1,705 – 1,933 Kg)
Rubicon (including trim) 3,792 – 4,104 lbs or, (1,720 – 1,861 Kg)
Rocky Mountain (2009) 3,759 – 4,262 lbs or, (1,705 – 1,933 Kg)
70th Anniversary (2011) 4,005 lbs or, 1,817 Kg
Mountain (2010) 3,759 – 4,262 lbs or, (1,705 – 1,933 Kg)
Islander (2010) 3,759 – 4,262 lbsor, (1,705 – 1,933 Kg)
Golden Eagle (2017) 4,075 lbs or, 1,848 Kg
Backcountry (2016) 3,951 lbs or, 1,792 Kg
Black Bear / Black (2016) 3,759 lbs or, 1,705 Kg
Willys Wheeler (2015) 4,075 lbs or, 1,848 Kg

3rd Generation Jeep Wrangler Weight (4-Door Variant)

Model Curb Weight
Black Bear / Black Edition (2016) 4,075 lbs or 1,848 Kg
Willys Wheeler (2015) 4,277 lbs or 1,940 Kg
Backcountry Edition (2016) 4,269 lbs or 1,936 Kg
Golden Eagle (2017) 4,277 lbs or 1,940 Kg
75th Anniversary Edition (2016) 4,269 lbs or 1,936 Kg
Rubicon Hard Rock (2015) 4,315 lbs or 1,957 Kg
Polar Edition (2014) 4,570 – 4,691 lbs or, (2,073 – 2,128 Kg)
Overland Edition (2013) 4,691 lbs or 2,128 Kg
Rubicon X Edition (2014) 4,570 lbs or 2,073 Kg
Dragon Edition (2014) 4,054 – 4,530 lbs or (1,839 – 2,055 Kg)
Altitude Edition (2012) 4,054 – 4,530 lbs or, (1,839 – 2,055 Kg)
Mountain Edition (2010) 4,075 lbs or 1,848 Kg
Call of Duty: MW3 Special Edition 4,315 lbs or (1,957 Kg)

2nd Generation Jeep Wrangler Weight

Model (2-Door Variant) Curb Weight
Sahara (1997 – 2004) 3,362 lbs (1,525 Kg)
Base/SE (1997 – 2006) 3,045 – 3,274 lbs or, (1,381 – 1,485 Kg)
Rubicon (2002) 3,097 – 3,832 lbs or, (1,405 – 1,686 Kg)
Sport (1997 – 2006) 3,539 lbs (1,565 kg)
Apex Edition (2002 – 2003) 3,241 – 3,274 lbs or, (1,470 – 1,485 Kg)
Rocky Mountain Edition (2003 – 2005) 3,241 – 3,274 lbs or, (1,470 – 1,485 Kg)
Unlimited Sport Edition (2004 – 2006) 3,721 lbs (1,688 Kg)
65th Anniversary Edition (2006) 3,832 lbs (1,686 Kg)
Golden Eagle (2006) 3,438 lbs (1,545 Kg)
Freedom (2003) 3,241 – 3,274 lbs or, (1,470 – 1,485 Kg)
Columbia (2004) 3,241 – 3,274 lbs or, (1,470 – 1,485 Kg)
Willys (2004 – 2005) 3,241 – 3,274 lbs or, (1,470 – 1,485 Kg)
60th Anniversary 3,549 lbs (1,610 Kg)

1st Generation Jeep Wrangler Weight

Model (2-Day Variant) Curb Weight
Base/SE (1987 – 1995) 2,855 – 3,241 lbs or, (1,295 – 1,470 Kg)
Laredo (1987 – 1995) 2,954 – 3,197 lbs or, (1,340 – 1,450 Kg)
Rio Grande (1995) 2,934 lbs (1,331 Kg)
Sahara (1987 – 1995) 2,954 – 3,197 lbs or, (1,340 – 1,450 Kg)
Rio Grande (1995) 2,934 lbs (1,331 Kg)
Renegade (1990 – 1994) 3,164 – 3,371 lbs or, (1,435 – 1,529 Kg)
Islander (1988 – 1993) 3,164 – 3,371 lbs or, (1,435 – 1,529 Kg)
Sport (1991 – 1995) 2,954 – 3,371 lbs or, (1,340 – 1 ,529 Kg)

2021 Jeep Wrangler Sport Dimensions- Notable Specs & Measurements

Let’s have a short introduction on 2021 Jeep Wrangler weights, dimensions and other measurements from the below listings:

  • Gross Combined Weight Rating (GCWR): 8,016 pounds
  • Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR): 5,000 pounds
  • Wheelbase: 96.8 inches
  • Front/Rear Track: 62.9/62.9 inches respectively
  • Front Legroom: 41.2 inches
  • Rear Legroom: 35.7 inches
  • Passenger Volume: 104 cubic feet
  • Front Headroom: 42.6 inches
  • Rear Headroom: 41.7 inches. 
  • 2 or 4-door rear legroom (inches): 35./38.3
  • Cargo volume rear seat folded or upright: 72.4/31.7 (cubic feet)

2023 Jeep Wrangler Dimensions

Well! After covering all the specs and details of the 2021 Jeep Wrangler, certainly, you may be wondering about the 2023 model and whether it’d suit your lifestyle. Since the development of the technology, you can expect the 2023 Jeep Wrangler specs to vary.

Take a look below list to know the dimensions of the 2023 Jeep Wrangler. 

  • 2/4-door wheelbases (inches): 96.8/118.4
  • 2/4-door overall length (inches): 166.8/188.4
  • 2/4-door rear legroom (inches): 35./38.3
  • Cargo volume rear seat folded or upright: 72.4/31.7 cubic feet
  • Front/rear overhang (inches): 29.2/40.8
  • Overall width (inches): 73.8
  • Overall height (inches): 73.6
  • Front headroom (inches): 40.7
  • Front legroom (inches): 41.2
  • Rear headroom (inches): 40.2

4 Major Factors That Variance Jeep Wrangler’s Weight

what does a jeep wrangler weigh

There are a few major factors that may affect the equation of your vehicle’s curb weight. So before getting overwhelmed by all of the above measurements, it is essential to get knowledge about all the aspects which variances in curb weight in Jeep Wrangler:

Engine & Transmission

It is quite essential to know about your Jeep Wrangler engine and transmission type that it equips. The function of transmission of a vehicle is quite straightforward. 

It ensures that the correct amount of fuel is going to the engine, which is needed to achieve the perfect speed. This major mechanical term has a great impact on the car’s overall weight. 

Let’s walk you through the curb weight differences based on a vehicle’s powertrains and transmissions.

1st Generation  Year Curb Weight
AMC (4L) Inline-6, 5-speed AX15 (manual) (1991–1995) 3,371 lbs or (1,529 Kg)
AMC (4L) Inline-6, 3-speed A999 (automatic) 1991 3,164 lbs or (1,435 Kg)
AMC (4L) Inline-6, 3-speed 32RH (A999) (Automatic) (1991–1995) 3,164 lbs or (1,435 Kg)
AMC (4.2L) Inline-6, 3-speed A999 (automatic) (1987–1990) 3,197 lbs or (1,450 Kg)
AMC (4.2L) Inline-6, 3-speed A999 (automatic) (1987–1990) 3,197 lbs or (1,450 Kg)
AMC (4.2L) Inline-6, 5-speed Peugeot BA-10 (manual) (1987–1989) 3,186 lbs or (1,445 Kg)
AMC (2.5L) Inline-4, 5-speed Aisin-Warner AX-5 (manual) (1987–1995) 2,954 lbs /1,340 Kg
AMC (2.5L) Inline-4, 3-speed 30RH (A904) (Automatic) (1994–1995) 3,197 lbs / 1,450 Kg850 R
2nd Generation  Year Curb Weight
AMC (4L) Inline-6, 3-speed 32RH (automatic) (1997–2002) 3,241 lbs / 1,470 Kg
AMC (4L) Inline-6, 4-speed 42RLE (automatic) (2003–2006) 3,294 lbs / 1,494 Kg
AMC (4L) Inline-6, 5-speed NV3550 (manual) (2000–2004) 3,241 lbs /1,470 Kg
AMC (4L) Inline-6, 6-speed NSG370 (manual) (2005–2006) 3,233 lbs / 1,466 Kg
PowerTech (2.4L), 5-speed NV1500 (manual) (2003–2004) 3,274 lbs / 1,485 Kg
PowerTech (2.4L), 5-speed NV1500 (manual) (2003–2004) 3,274 lbs / 1,485 Kg
PowerTech (2.4 L), 6-speed NSG370 (manual) (2005–2006) 3,265 lbs / 1,481 Kg
3rd Generation  Year Curb Weight
RA 428 (2.8 L), 5-speed 545RFE (automatic) (2007–2010) (3,990 – 4,530) lbs or, (1,810 – 2,055 Kg)
RA 428 (2.8 L), 5-speed W5A580 (automatic) (2011–Present) (3,990 – 4,530) lbs or, (1,810 – 2,055 Kg)
Pentastar (3.6 L), 5-speed W5A580 (automatic) (2012–2017) (3,810 – 4,691) lbs or, (1,728 – 2,128 Kg)
EGH (3.8 L), 4-speed 42RLE (automatic) (2007–2011) (3,792 – 4,123) lbs or, (1,720 – 1,870 Kg)
EGH 3.8 L, 6-speed NSG370 (manual) (2007–2011) (3,759 – 4,315) lbs or, (1,705 – 1,957 Kg)
4th Generation Curb Weight
Hemi V8 8HP75 Eight-speed automatic w/ overdrive 6.4 L (gasoline)   (5,103 lbs) or, (2,315 Kg)
Multijet II (I4-T) 850RE Torqueflite Eight Speed automatic 2.2 L (diesel)  (4,178 – 4,623) lbs or, (1,895 – 2,097 Kg)
Pentastar V6 D478 Six-speed manual w/ overdrive 3.6 L (gasoline or gasoline hybrid) (3,948 – 4,478 lbs) or, (1,791 – 2,031 Kg)
Hurricane I4-T 850RE Torqueflite Eight Speed automatic 2.0 L (gasoline or gasoline hybrid) (3,948 – 4,549) lbs or, (1,791 – 2,063 Kg)

Top Exterior Part

Jeep Wranglers come in various models and configurations. Most of the model has hard whereas various ones feature soft tops. Whatever the exterior part is, the top weight measurement highly affects the total weight and capacity of a vehicle. 

For example, The Wrangler Unlimited model (4-door variant) hardtop weighs more than 140 pounds. On the other side, a 4-door Jeep Renegade’s hardtop weighs about 115 pounds. 

So while determining your Wrangler’s maximum weight capacity, you have to consider this fact. But the top’s weight has far changed with the Wrangler’s generation.

Have a glimpse at the below table, highlighting the curb for 1st and 2nd-generation Wranglers dependent on only the top part:

Model  Variant Curb Weight
1st Generation Jeep Wrangler  (2.5L 5MT) Hard Top 3,175 lbs (1,440 Kg)
Soft Top 2,954 lbs (1,340 Kg)
2nd Generation Jeep Wrangler (2.5 L 5MT) Hard Top 3,097 lbs (1,405 Kg)
Soft Top 3,097 lbs (1,405 Kg)

Fuel Tank Capacity

The total weight of fuel and fuel tank has a large influence on the overall weight of the vehicles. Keep a short note that, two-door Wranglers hold a fuel tank of 17.5 gallons. On the contrary, the four-door Jeep Wrangler’s tank weighs about 21.5 gallons.

It’s clear that there are about 3-4 gallon differences in these two variants which adds the extra weight of 25-26 pounds on overall weight. 

Tires Variation

The total weight capacity of a vehicle is directly related to the tire configuration of that model. Depending on the model you drive, the tires’ sizes and materials can vary. 

If you look through the newer Jeep Wrangler model, you don’t find tires that are larger than 33 inches in diameter. Larger wheels increase the weight. Along with this, the rubber material will certainly add weight to the overhaul curb weight capacity of the Jeep.  

Let’s walk you through a short example, elaborated wheel-and-tire dimensions based on current trims of various Jeep models:

Models Tire Variation  Dimension
Sport Jeep Wranglers Standard P245/75R17, on/off-road, black sidewall  31-inch
Rubicon Jeep Wranglers Standard LT285/70R17C Radial Tires, black sidewall, on/off-road. 32.7-inch
Sahara Jeep Wranglers Standard P255/70R18, OWL, on-off-road 31-inch

Why Knowing Your Jeep Wrangler Weigh Is Important?

jeep wrangler weight

Besides getting a deep insight into the factors that affect your Jeep’s weight, it is the same important to know where you will require all this information. 

Here are the 4 major reasons why you should know your Jeep Wrangler’s weight: 

Fuel Efficiency

A vehicle’s weight significantly depends on fuel consumption.  The heavier the car, the more fuel is consumed by the engine. Heavier weight increases vehicle rolling resistance which enhances energy consumption.

That’s the fact, the lighter car is regarded as much more fuel-efficient than the larger one. So, when you are known with the Jeep Wrangler’s weight capacity, you will certainly try to decrease the curb weight which not only saves resources but your extra fuel costs. 

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Driving License

In the United States and many other countries of the world, driving licenses are issued based on the car’s curb weight. As mentioned above, the curb weight has a high impact on the vehicle’s GVWR or GVM, thus you must know your Jeep Wrangler’s max weight to secure the license. 

In case, you have no idea about your car’s curb weight and you’re driving the heavier one, you may encounter a penalty charge for unforeseen violations.

Routine Maintenance

When you are carrying out the mods or even routine checks on your Jeep Wrangle, it is essential that you are ensuring the best tool. The tool that you need to use here depends on your car’s weight. 

So, you have to know your car’s weight, only then you can use suitable tools that will prove sturdy in handling the car’s weight. 

Auto Safety

Knowing the maximum weight of your Jeep Wrangler is quite needed when you’re driving to ensure your best safety. For example, if you are on the way to a bridge that has certain weight limits, it will be far more convenient for you to drive on the bridge when you know how much your car weighs and it’s not crossing the maximum limit. 

But if you’re looking for safety and stability, heavier cars are much better as it offer more sturdiness because of the center of gravity. There will be less chance of big loss or disadvantage when it comes to an auto accident. Heavier cars have shock-absorption structures that increase safety to the next level. case.

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Can I reduce the weight of my Jeep Wrangler?

Yes! Definitely, by ensuring some methods, you can decrease the extra weight of your Jeep for the most part. Like upgrading the hard top to a soft one, detaching the soft top’s frame itself or removing the four-floor mats.  

What is the weight of a 4-door Jeep Wrangler?

Jeep Wrangler Unlimited 80th Anniversary Edition, 4-door variant weighs about 4,505 pounds whereas the Saha 4×4 is 4,263 pounds. The most popular Unlimited Rubicon is 4,449 pounds and the Unlimited High Altitude 4×4 is offering you 4,263 pounds weight on the road.

How weight affects the performance of the Jeep Wrangler?

The heavier your Jeep Wrangler is, the more force you need to stop the vehicle. Most of the time, it affects the movement as well.

End Remarks!

Well! That’s all from us here. Still, wondering about how much a Jeep Wrangler weighs? I bet not! Throughout this comprehensive guide, we have tried to input every minimal factor related to a Jeep Wrangler’s weight, depending on various generations and trim levels.

Also, since you have learned why you should know every single weight detail about your Jeep Wrangler, you can easily use this knowledge when it matters.  

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